The basics

As a man, you should be able to obey some rules of style. For instance, there are certain items which you should have. A crisp white shirt, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes etc. My friends at Esquire know all about this.

If you walk outside and you are the only guy walking in the stuff you wear you are either very fashion-forward or you have picked out the wrong attire.

There is not much wrong with being fashion forward, but please stay within some lines of decency, you are not Lady Gaga. I’m sure of that. Even if you are, there are really some things a man shouldn’t wear.

For now, a small checklist of fashion items you need:
– A white shirt
– A black shirt
– Black socks (no sports socks, never)
– A dark suit (grey)
– Black dress shoes
– Brown dress shoes
– Dark blue jeans
– Good sunglasses

I can go on and on, but these are pretty much the basics. Now, if you miss something from this list, go shopping! Let me know what you have bought.


About derektigges

My work is all about Fashion, PR and Social Media. I like to create, build, tell stories and help people.

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