What to do with the clothes you bought a couple of years ago?

What to do with old fashion items? Still wear them? Store them until they become vintage? Throw them away?

Every season I buy new stuff, sometimes a lot, sometimes just one item. It also differs if I buy expensive clothing or cheap, or a combination. In my opinion, it is possible to combine new fashion with older clothing, unless the older pieces are really time-specific.

For some reason, I don’t throw away clothing. Only if it’s unfixable or really ugly. But then again, I don’t know where I keep it. My closet is so full that at least 25% needs to be ‘in transit’ (on the floor, in the laundry or in the washing machine). Next to that, I don’t have the idea that I wear old clothes a lot (except for some good shirts). So, where the hell are those old pieces?

Maybe I need to clean up my closet and store some old pieces or throw them away. I don’t think that the clothing I’ve bought a couple of years ago can be sold second hand.

I’m wondering what other people do, do you throw away old clothes?
Do you sell it? Store it? Wear it?

A tidy closet

A tidy closet


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  1. It is REALLY too bad your not in Chicago! Give me a day and this would no longer be an issue…well until next season 🙂 lol! (Oh and I love stock images like this what man’s closet only has sport coats/suit coats in ??? yah it makes for a pretty pic but come on!)

  2. I’d love to have a closet like this but mine looks more like uhm… Ground Zero… 😦

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