iPad vs iPuppy

Yesterday I was in a bar where someone was carrying a box of the new Apple iPad. A lot of people where very curious about it. I actually was curious too, but he didn’t show it, he was only showing the box. That is a great way of getting attention when you are somewhere! Just carry around the latest gadget.

But, will you get more attention with an iPad than with a puppy? Maybe, depends on the crowd. But I’m sure that a puppy can do a lot more things than an iPad.

1. Multitask:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
2. Multitouch:  iPad yes | Puppy yes
3. Voicecontrol:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
4. Wireless:  iPad yes | Puppy yes
5. Sleep/Powersave:  iPad yes | Puppy yes
6. Loudspeaker:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
7: Sockets for all USB:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
8: Telephone inside:  iPad no  | Puppy sometimes
9: Ability to adjust OS: iPad no  | Puppy yes
10: Various colours:  iPad no  | Puppy yes

To sum up, the iPad has a lot of similarities with a puppy, but I see that the iPuppy is far more flexible. Besides that, I think that a puppy lasts longer (although not in the puppy-stage).

Do you have an iPad? Does it work for you? Or are you waiting for HP‘s Slate?




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  1. Which USB peripherals actually work on this Puppy thing?

  2. Oh and the iPad does have voice control and a built-in loudspeaker. Plays video and music, which the puppy does not 🙂

  3. hoezo wordt deze blog nooit geupdate?????

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