Cool design for a stylish home

So you look fashionable and cool, but what does your house look like?

We have found some nice articles for in your home to complement your design furniture and maybe even your IKEA Billy cupboard.

This recently debuted collection is the first of a series of collaborative product releases. Each design is created and produced by small independent designer makers and then distributed by Umbra to boutiques and design shops in Europe. The Atelier Made partnership helps slow design out of the shadows in order for you to get unique pieces of design in your home.

How did we find this? Michelle Ivankovic, who is working in our office as well, curated this collection. And it looks great in our office.




About derektigges

My work is all about Fashion, PR and Social Media. I like to create, build, tell stories and help people.

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  1. Derek,

    It’s looking very nice the items in the interior of your office!

    The brand: ‘Derek’s’ with the symbol of a black roaring cat will make it, i’m sure 🙂

    Keep up the good word so that I’ll be wearing a Derek’s too!


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