Dream Watch

Yesterday I walked along a random jeweler here in Amsterdam, with beautiful watches in the window.
One of them was an IWC. It was a beautiful timepiece, with a black leather strap, and if I had the money I would buy it immediately!

Back home I did some research on that specific IWC Watch. On the IWC website if found the model that I saw in the shop window of the jeweler.  The model’s name is Portofino Hand-Wound and first appeared on the market in 1984. Now 28 years later it is still a beautiful watch with a classic silhouette that will last for ages. Maybe it is the platinum case in combination with the moon phase display. Or maybe it’s the black alligator leather strap (other straps are also available), but this is one sexy watch!

At a certain age every man should own a watch like this. I hope I will when the time is ripe.
For now all I can do is dream about it.


Greetz Daniel


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  1. That is truly a beautiful watch!

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