Wardrobe essential: The Belt

A couple of fine belts in your warderobe is essential to have. I’ve got a casual one from Levi’s that I bought a few years ago and a more classic leather belt. And ofcourse a couple of fun H&M belts to spice up my outfits sometimes. Here are a few examples of belts you should have:

1 – The classic leather belt, black or brown. Make sure the color of the belt is the same as your shoes.
Black shoes with a brown belt is a no go! Wear these belts with a suit or a chino.
Belt: Boss Black  

2- A casual belt, often they are wider and have a larger buckle so they are more suited for jeans. Also there are canvas, fabric or woven belts that look great with chinos. Try to match it with something in your outfit like your shirt or shoes.
Belt: Carhartt  

3 – The statement belt, a belt you want to make a bold statement with. You can do this fancy colours, crazy patterns or a mix of both.
Belt: Vans  

What is the right belt for you should decide for yourself.
I recommend all three of them for a little variation in your wardrobe.

Greetz Daniel


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