A fine wallet

My wallet is wrecked, the leather lost its shine and is getting rough and it got holes by my coinpocket.
It’s time for  a new one. I’m saying this for over a year now but I still didn’t get a new one. I just haven’t found the right one yet. This morning I was browsing the web for some new wallets and here are couple that I liked:

1- Carhartt Wallet Avocado
Great color! Never seen a wallet in this kind of color. Carhartt is known for their use of high quality materials, so maybe this wallet will last for ages. The price of €35 is okay for a good wallet.
Found at www.freshcotton.com

2-  Zara, good price and made from a not often used material; cork!
Found at www.zara.com

3- Property of cardholder. I never have any change on me and only carry my debit card, public transport card, ID and gym-pass with me. I hate it to have all those small coins making noise in my pocket. But sometimes they come in handy.
Found at www.thepropertyof.com

Which one would you choose?

Greetz Daniel


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