Accessories that you should never wear

When I walk around in Amsterdam  I see lots of stylish and well dressed men. Men that care about how they look and don’t want to look like the average man. But most of the time you see a lot guys with horrible clothes and especially weird accessories. Here are a few that you should never ever wear as a stylish guy!

1- The big white belt.
Yes it’s true, you should match your belt with the color of your shoes. But when you got a pair of white sneakers
on it doesn’t mean that you should wear a white belt! It’s looks hiddeous and most of the time they are made from cheap leather. Rather wear a nice brown or black belt, that works fine with white shoes. Or wear no belt at all and buy trousers that fit!

2- Golden chains.
I don’t  know what it is with some men and golden chains. Do you want to show that you can afford a golden chain? And most of the time they show their golden chains of with a combination of a lot of chesthair. The last guys who looked good with golden chains were Run-DMC. And that were the 80’s…

3- (Diamond) Earrings.
It is something for girls and it should stay that way. Especially those with a (fake) diamond in them. Ugh.

4- Neck Bags.
Ok, I know they come in handy when you are on holiday and you want to protect your stuff against pickpockets.
But it just looks wrong and you look like a fricking drug dealer with. Even when you are a drugdealer you shouldn’t
wear it. Oh by the way, they call these things “man purse”. Just sayin’…

5- Mobile phone holder for your belt.
Maybe this is the worst one. In some jobs they can be useful like when you are a truck driver or maildelivery man. But come on, you got pockets for your phone! Most of the time guys who wear this have no sense of fashion at all so to say this is hopeless.

Please my dear readers, never ever wear this.

Greetz Daniël


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