How to wear shorts

Men and shorts is a love & hate thing. I’d rather have no shorts but sometimes it’s so warm that I have to wear them.
Now that the weather is getting warmer here it’s time to think about your summer wardrobe.

A big problem with guys is the fit. Almost every man I know is wearing shorts which are too baggy. Rather go for a slim pair and make sure it ends above your knee. Avoid bold print (even when it’s a trend this season) that is way too childish or wearing swimsuits as shorts. You only wear swimsuits when you are at the beach/swimming pool. Choose a basic neutral color, like beige, olive or brown. Those shades match with almost everything.

Even more important is what kind of shoes to wear with them. First pick some casual shoes, like desert boots, penny loafers or boatshoes. Ofcourse sneakers will do to. And if you dare wear NO socks. Believe me, it looks much better.

Combine your shorts with a nice buttondown shirt or a fun t-shirt, roll the legs up little above your knee for a slimmer effect and you are ready to show off those legs!

Have a nice and sunny weekend!



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