How to wear chinos

Last week I discussed how to wear shorts with you guys and as I said, not every guy is a big fan of shorts. Including myself. But to wear jeans the whole summer is madness. Here are a few tips which chino you should buy for this summer and how to wear it.

1- The color
This fashion season you see lot of coloured chinos, but if you don’t own a chino yet buy a more basic colour.
Olive, khaki, grey or blue that are the most basic colors around, they match with almost everything you have in your wardrobe. If you already got one of those go for the coloured ones!

2-  Invest in quality
Ofcourse you can buy a cheap chino at H&M or Zara, they look great and are reasonably priced. But wash and wear them a couple of times and you can throw them away. Rather invest in a good one. A good chino like one from Dockers will last for years.

3- The fit
Slim-fit is the keyword. Everbody knows these men that wear chinos two sizes too big with their shirts (also two sizes too big) tucked in. You don’t want to look like that do you? Buy one that fits properly and make sure it’s not too long or short.

4-How to wear it
My favourite combination is a washed denim jacket, beige chino and some good old Desert boots. Ofcourse you can always go ‘smart casual’ and wear a nice navy blazer and broques with it. Just look in your wardrobe and find out what matches with the colour of your chino. Oh and roll up your legs a bit just above your ankles. That gives that ‘summery’ touch.




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