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New Balance Sneakers

New Balance sneakers are becoming more popular these days, with their striking designs and big N logo. It’s stranger with all those Nikes, Pumas and Adidas sneakers in the streetwear scene. And that is just the thing that I like about these shoes.

New Balance has been founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. Despite avoiding expensive advertising campaings, It has grown to be one of the  largest makers of sports footwear in the world.
New Balance is know for that they never moved their production to China or Vietnam such a Nike and Adidas, and that it has continued to maintain the manufacturing in the United States and as well in the United Kingdom. Oke, the result is a more expensive shoes then their competitors but New Balance differentiates their products with technical innovations, better sizing and quality.

In fashion nowadays it’s all about heritage, fair trade and fair production. New Balance fits perfect in this trend. But it is still a brand with its own face and they don’t care what is ‘hot or not’ now. The just make great shoes. Believe me, most of the time I wear Air Jordans or Nikes but New Balance walks like your walking on clouds.


Daniel’s Top 3 Summer Jackets

I always have the same problem this time of the year. It’s too hot for my wintercoat but it’s too cold to walk around without a coat or only a sweater/pullover. The solution for that is a summer jacket. Here’s is a top 3 for some inspiration:

1- SUIT – Samson Galapagos Green
A summer parka from Danish Brand SUIT in a striking color green, hood with drawstrings, two front pockets and a small SUIT logo on the front pocket. Nice.
Found at:

2- H&M Spring Jacket
A cheap solution if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a spring jacket.
The jacket has a detachable hood, blind zipper, reinforcements on the elbows and ofcourse the color is really cool.
Also available in blue.
Found at:

3- Zara Trenchcoat
My personal favourite, and an essential thing in a men’s wardrobe. Timeless and they come in handy when it rains!
This one from Zara is cheap, stylish and has a nice short fit. Available in blue and grey.
Found at:

Wemoto X Freshcotton T-shirt

German T-shirt brand Wemoto is mainly known for their ‘Icon T-shirts’. Take simple crispy white t-shirts, draw an iconic pop/hip-hop culture figure on it and finish it with a catchy text and you’ve got a perfect T-shirt. They have T-shirts with prints of Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Karl Lagerfield and so on.

This time they have Dutch Rock & Roll icon Herman Brood printed on their shirts to celebrate the ten year anniversary of one of my favourite webshops The text: Never Be Clever, refers to Herman’s big hit with Herman & His Wild Romance in 1979. Classic. Wear this T-shirt with a slim denim and some worn out sneakers to get that rock & roll look.

Don’t like Herman Brood? Take a look at
They’ve got more cool Wemoto stuff there.

Greetz Daniel

Good Guys

Now this is something I get greedy of. Paris-based shoe brand Good Guys makes shoes that contains no animal ‘ingredients’. They take looks, shapes and styles from past times and try out new materials and production methods. And the result is amazing.

All their products are made of fine microfibers, light, breathable and water restistant.
Their 2012 spring summer collection is inspired by French New Wave with a touch of the Californian surf-culture.
And if you take a look at their collection you get a summer feeling right away. Colors like yellow, faded pink and aqua blue are in the collection. In combination with bricksoles you’ve got the perfect pair of summer shoes. Also in women’s sizes, nice gift for your girl?



Daniel’s Top 3 Sunglasses

A summer essential is a good pair of sunglasses. As always with everything, you should invest in them. Don’t buy a cheap one at a tourist shop or H&M if you want to use it for a long time. A good pair of shades will last for ages.

Here is my top 3 sunglasses:

1 – The Ray-Ban Clubmaster.
Think about the movie Easy Rider and you know how cool these glases are. Also a timeless pair of shades.
Found at:

2- Persol Steve Mcqueen Special edition
I already discussed these a few posts a go. But man, these shades are just beautiful.
Found at:

3- Tom Ford CAMILLO
Ofcourse a pair of pilot shades. I think the most timeless pair of glasses ever made since the movie Top Gun. Originally by Ray-Ban but reinvented by many.
Founded at:

Oh and guys one tip, never wear sunglasses inside. Makes you look like a big douchebag.



How to wear chinos

Last week I discussed how to wear shorts with you guys and as I said, not every guy is a big fan of shorts. Including myself. But to wear jeans the whole summer is madness. Here are a few tips which chino you should buy for this summer and how to wear it.

1- The color
This fashion season you see lot of coloured chinos, but if you don’t own a chino yet buy a more basic colour.
Olive, khaki, grey or blue that are the most basic colors around, they match with almost everything you have in your wardrobe. If you already got one of those go for the coloured ones!

2-  Invest in quality
Ofcourse you can buy a cheap chino at H&M or Zara, they look great and are reasonably priced. But wash and wear them a couple of times and you can throw them away. Rather invest in a good one. A good chino like one from Dockers will last for years.

3- The fit
Slim-fit is the keyword. Everbody knows these men that wear chinos two sizes too big with their shirts (also two sizes too big) tucked in. You don’t want to look like that do you? Buy one that fits properly and make sure it’s not too long or short.

4-How to wear it
My favourite combination is a washed denim jacket, beige chino and some good old Desert boots. Ofcourse you can always go ‘smart casual’ and wear a nice navy blazer and broques with it. Just look in your wardrobe and find out what matches with the colour of your chino. Oh and roll up your legs a bit just above your ankles. That gives that ‘summery’ touch.



How to wear shorts

Men and shorts is a love & hate thing. I’d rather have no shorts but sometimes it’s so warm that I have to wear them.
Now that the weather is getting warmer here it’s time to think about your summer wardrobe.

A big problem with guys is the fit. Almost every man I know is wearing shorts which are too baggy. Rather go for a slim pair and make sure it ends above your knee. Avoid bold print (even when it’s a trend this season) that is way too childish or wearing swimsuits as shorts. You only wear swimsuits when you are at the beach/swimming pool. Choose a basic neutral color, like beige, olive or brown. Those shades match with almost everything.

Even more important is what kind of shoes to wear with them. First pick some casual shoes, like desert boots, penny loafers or boatshoes. Ofcourse sneakers will do to. And if you dare wear NO socks. Believe me, it looks much better.

Combine your shorts with a nice buttondown shirt or a fun t-shirt, roll the legs up little above your knee for a slimmer effect and you are ready to show off those legs!

Have a nice and sunny weekend!


Accessories that you should never wear

When I walk around in Amsterdam  I see lots of stylish and well dressed men. Men that care about how they look and don’t want to look like the average man. But most of the time you see a lot guys with horrible clothes and especially weird accessories. Here are a few that you should never ever wear as a stylish guy!

1- The big white belt.
Yes it’s true, you should match your belt with the color of your shoes. But when you got a pair of white sneakers
on it doesn’t mean that you should wear a white belt! It’s looks hiddeous and most of the time they are made from cheap leather. Rather wear a nice brown or black belt, that works fine with white shoes. Or wear no belt at all and buy trousers that fit!

2- Golden chains.
I don’t  know what it is with some men and golden chains. Do you want to show that you can afford a golden chain? And most of the time they show their golden chains of with a combination of a lot of chesthair. The last guys who looked good with golden chains were Run-DMC. And that were the 80’s…

3- (Diamond) Earrings.
It is something for girls and it should stay that way. Especially those with a (fake) diamond in them. Ugh.

4- Neck Bags.
Ok, I know they come in handy when you are on holiday and you want to protect your stuff against pickpockets.
But it just looks wrong and you look like a fricking drug dealer with. Even when you are a drugdealer you shouldn’t
wear it. Oh by the way, they call these things “man purse”. Just sayin’…

5- Mobile phone holder for your belt.
Maybe this is the worst one. In some jobs they can be useful like when you are a truck driver or maildelivery man. But come on, you got pockets for your phone! Most of the time guys who wear this have no sense of fashion at all so to say this is hopeless.

Please my dear readers, never ever wear this.

Greetz Daniël

Unionmade – A fashion store in San Francisco

There is this cool store in San Francisco that breathes the American Heritage with eyecatchers such as the old jeans advertisement and the American flag.

Unionmade was opened in November of 2009 in a pre-1906 Victorian storefront at 493 Sanchez Street, situated on the border of San Francisco’s Mission and Castro districts. Unionmade is specialized in casual men’s wear with beautiful brands like Woolrich Woolen Mills, Red Wing, RRL, Gant Rugger and many more. Take a look at their website and the fantastic lookbooks. Oh, and make sure you stop by when you are in the neighbourhood. I certainly will, when I’ll go to the USA….

Greetz Daniël


Now this is something cool, I just spotted this ‘bag brand’! If you walk around with a bag from JumpFromPaper people will think you are carrying around a 2D cardboard bag.These striking bags have a cartoon-like look with bright colors and thick lines.

JumpFromPaper was created by a Taipei-based design duo: Chay Su and Rika Lin. One afternoon these two ladies where sketching their perfect ‘dream designer’ handbag. A surprising idea popped up – “How amazing it would be if a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration could come to life as a real bag! That afternoon was the birth of JumpFromPaper.

The bags look very small and thin but in reality the bags offer enough space to use it for school or work. Books, your laptop or iPad room enough for everything. Unfortunately the bags are only sold in the USA and several countriesin Asia. Hopefully these babies will come to Europe one day. Then finally I can give a bag that I like to my girl 😉
Greetz Daniël

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