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Double Black

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a personal favourite of mine when it comes to whisky’s. Recently Johnnie Walker released the Double Pack.
The Taste of the Double Pack is different at some points. This one is smokeyer and richer in flavour, because this blend consists of tallied Whisky’s of the Scottish Highlands.

Johnnie Walker Double Black focuses on the Black Label lovers that already appreciates its taste but want it to take it a step further. Double Black is temporarily available at Gall & Gall shops in The Netherlands, so be quick!



A new issue of citizenMag

The magazine citizenMag has a new issue, nr. 6 about “taste”. My friend Sabine de Witte asked me to write an article for them and now they’ve published it!


Michelin awards more stars in Europe

Tomorrow, the new Michelin guide “Main Cities of Europe 2010” will come out. Michelin’s new guide covers all the restaurants in scope in Europe for 2010.

The stars of Michelin mean the following:
*** “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”
**  “Excellent cooking, worth a detour”
*   “Very good cooking in its category”

Michelin awards a second star to a Stockholm restaurant and recognizes five Budapest restaurants in their guide. Another restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen, doesn’t get a third star despite the fact that the owner thinks he deserved it.

Further, in Budapest, Costeds gains one star and there are “Bib Gourmand” awards for 21, Arcade Bistro, Bock Bisztro and Csalogany. New one star restaurants are Carpe Diem, in Salzburg, Austria; Novelli, in Vienna; and AOC, Copenhagen. Also in Copenhagen, there’s a “Bib Gourmand” for Kodbyens Fiskebar.

Hopefully I will be able to travel the continent soon, to visit some of these restaurants. But I also think that you can have great dinners at non-star restaurants.

Noma Copenhagen

Noma Copenhagen

Fresh mint tea

Ofcourse I’m not here to judge you about what you eat and drink, but I would like to give you some advice from time to time.

I’m always a bit shocked about how little people know about what they eat and drink. Don’t you read stuff? Aren’t you curious? Or you just don’t care?

Well, I want to discuss ‘Fresh mint tea’. Widely available in restaurants, bars etc. You can also make it at home quite easily. But why on earth do you want to drink that stuff? If you are a girl or woman yes, but if you are a guy: don’t. Ever.

A thing you should know about ‘Fresh mint tea’ is that it kills male hormone testosterone. For women that is fine; less hairs, higher pitched voice, not too strong build, etc etc (at least if you want that). But for men it’s a masculinity-killer. Apart from the fact that it looks totally stupid if you drink this stuff in public, it makes you less man on the inside.

This is not just a rumour, but it has actually been proven by scientists. I don’t care if you drink ‘Fresh mint tea’ or not, but I just wanted to let you know.

Fresh mint tea

Real men can cook

First things first, a man should be able to cook at least some dishes.

Secondly, in my opinion there are some rules to obey.

1. The kitchen and the utensils you use should be clean.
2. Preparation is key.
2.1 Read the recipe, read it again, memorise.
2.2. Cut, chop, rinse, chill etc all ingredients before actually start cooking.
3. Know who you cook for.
4. Stay light on salt and mention this to those you feed, they can add it upon taste.
5. Some things about cooking you just know. If not, try Google.
6. Cook with style.

And now a recipe all men should be able to cook. Don’t mess this one up.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

– Fine chopped garlic
– Chopped chilipepper (Spanish)
– Fine chopped Parsil (Put the parsil in a cup and cut it with scissors, as easy as that)
– Spaghetti
– Parmesan cheese (grated)
– Extra vergin olive oil

– Have the garlic, chili and parsil chopped, the cheese grated, the plates heated etc.
– Cook the spaghetti al dente.
– Slowly fry the garlic in the olive oil, add chili peppers and almost to the end, add the parsil. You can do this during the cooking of the spaghetti.
– Add the spaghetti to the garlic, oil etc.
– Serve on hot plates with some of the parsil which is uncooked and add the grated Parmesan cheese.

La pasta non aspetta, eat it while it’s hot.

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