The world’s most expensive shoes for men

Expensive like hell and I doubt it that you can wear them properly, but here are one of the most expensive shoes money can buy for your feet.

I don’t particularly like them and I’m not a big fan of these kind of sneakers but hey, I’m not a rapper or gangsta.

This silver shoe is not gold (duh) but that makes it a little bit more wearable. They are called the Air Jordan Silver Shoes, by Nike of course. You can buy these puppies with autograph (of Michael Jordan) on eBay for a mere $60,000.

Air Jordan Silver Shoes


Wemoto X Freshcotton T-shirt

German T-shirt brand Wemoto is mainly known for their ‘Icon T-shirts’. Take simple crispy white t-shirts, draw an iconic pop/hip-hop culture figure on it and finish it with a catchy text and you’ve got a perfect T-shirt. They have T-shirts with prints of Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Karl Lagerfield and so on.

This time they have Dutch Rock & Roll icon Herman Brood printed on their shirts to celebrate the ten year anniversary of one of my favourite webshops The text: Never Be Clever, refers to Herman’s big hit with Herman & His Wild Romance in 1979. Classic. Wear this T-shirt with a slim denim and some worn out sneakers to get that rock & roll look.

Don’t like Herman Brood? Take a look at
They’ve got more cool Wemoto stuff there.

Greetz Daniel

A store opening

So, I do attend a lot of store openings which is very cool. But now I’m involved in the organisation of a store opening. This means I’m on the other end of the deal. Why? Because this store offers a nice mix between brands for men and women and they sell Derek’s shirts.

How to get this done? First of all, we have to get the store ready for such an event. Redecorating the store in such a way that it’s ok to host a bunch of people without trashing the place. Next to that, we’ll have to arrange food, drinks, goodiebags, a red carpet, dj’s and all sorts of other stuff.

And most important of all; the invitations. Well, hereby I would like to invite you to the Grand Opening of LAAT store in Amsterdam. This party is on the 20th of April, starting from 16:00 till approximately 22:00 (officially).

The opening will be attended by lots of cool fashion people, celebrities and ofcourse many bloggers, press and other guests.

Feel free to join us…

Grand Opening LAAT Store in Amsterdam

Good Guys

Now this is something I get greedy of. Paris-based shoe brand Good Guys makes shoes that contains no animal ‘ingredients’. They take looks, shapes and styles from past times and try out new materials and production methods. And the result is amazing.

All their products are made of fine microfibers, light, breathable and water restistant.
Their 2012 spring summer collection is inspired by French New Wave with a touch of the Californian surf-culture.
And if you take a look at their collection you get a summer feeling right away. Colors like yellow, faded pink and aqua blue are in the collection. In combination with bricksoles you’ve got the perfect pair of summer shoes. Also in women’s sizes, nice gift for your girl?



How to do things the stylish way

Being the cool and stylish gentleman you are, there are many things you do in a stylish manner.  Here are a couple of things I’ve written about in the past but are still very much up-to-date.

How to pack a suitcase

  1. The heavy things like books and shoes you pack first, at the bottom of your suitcase.
  2. After that you pack the hardware, toilet items and underwear.
  3. Pack your shoes in shoebags. Wear the most heavy ones during your trip (on an airplane), this saves you a lot of carrying and kilos in your suitcase.
  4. Fold your clothing neatly, to save space.
  5. Your shirts must be folded loosely and you need to put them very gently in your suitcase (on top of everything else, to prevent re-ironing).
  6. A suit or jacket is best to be put in a separate bag (for suits). If you choose to pack it in your suitcase, turn the jacket inside-out to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle.

How to blow your nose

  1. Blowing one’s nose is always done discretely and without making any noise.
  2. Never blow your nose at the (dinner)table, excuse yourself and retire to the bathroom. Or at least out of reach of your table mates.
  3. Use paper tissues and dispose of them after use. For hygienic purposes. Don’t ever use a handkerchief.
  4. Do not pick your nose in front of others and don’t look at the produce after you have blown your nose. Gross…
  5. First blow one nostril and then the other one, it’s more effective and healthier. Ask the doctor.

How to use public transport

  1. Find a good spot, don’t just sit next to someone when there’s plenty of space somewhere else. People need their space.
  2. Make sure you have a valid ticket. Using public transport without a ticket is really sad.
  3. Shut up. Don’t talk loudly, don’t make loud phonecalls or listen to loud music. Back in the days everyone on the train was quiet as well. If you need to talk to someone on the phone do it briefly, quietly and ask if it’s ok to call back later. People will appreciate this.
  4. Don’t put your feet on the bench or chair, save that for home. Don’t do that at home as well, by the way.
  5. Refrain from eating or drinking. No hamburgers, fries or other food that stinks like hell. If you have trash to dispose of, keep it until you see a wastebin.
  6. Make place for the elderly and disabled people and do not hang around the exit or entrance.
  7. People must exit the vehicle or train before you enter.

Daniel’s Top 3 Sunglasses

A summer essential is a good pair of sunglasses. As always with everything, you should invest in them. Don’t buy a cheap one at a tourist shop or H&M if you want to use it for a long time. A good pair of shades will last for ages.

Here is my top 3 sunglasses:

1 – The Ray-Ban Clubmaster.
Think about the movie Easy Rider and you know how cool these glases are. Also a timeless pair of shades.
Found at:

2- Persol Steve Mcqueen Special edition
I already discussed these a few posts a go. But man, these shades are just beautiful.
Found at:

3- Tom Ford CAMILLO
Ofcourse a pair of pilot shades. I think the most timeless pair of glasses ever made since the movie Top Gun. Originally by Ray-Ban but reinvented by many.
Founded at:

Oh and guys one tip, never wear sunglasses inside. Makes you look like a big douchebag.



A woman’s view: 5 things a man shouldn’t wear

I think I can speak for most women when I say that some men just haven’t got a clue about what women like and don’t like when it comes to men’s fashion. So I made a little top 5 list to guide you through the difficult mind of a woman.

1- Socks and sandals

We all have this image in our heads of our biology teachers wearing socks and sandals. No matter how stylish you are, this look is never a good idea. There isn’t a woman on this earth that wants to think about their high school teachers during a date with a fresh young man like you. So if you do plan on wearing sandals, please leave your socks at home.

2- White vest

No matter how bad you want to show off your hot body that you have worked on in the gym for 5 months, do NOT wear that tight white vest. It’s ok to wear it in the gym, because we understand that it’s too warm to wear a t-shirt. But outside of the gym, the vest is just off-limits. Instead, you can wear a simple V-neck t-shirt, she will still notice your 5 months of hard work, and you will look classic and stylish.

3- T-shirts with offensive texts

It may be extremely funny when you’re having a beer with your mates at someone’s house, but once you hit the town with a t-shirt on that says “FREE SEX” you need to think twice if you want to be noticed by women with this kind of message on your chest. Women in general are not attracted to men who wear t-shirts with nasty texts or images on them because they make you seem very immature and women will not take you seriously. So next time you think about picking up a shirt like this because you just think it’s hilarious, choose wisely.

4- Fanny packs

Unless you want to look like a tourist in a midlife crisis, I suggest you don’t go near these. We understand that men need to carry something around which holds their wallets, mobile phone etc. But seriously guys, the fanny pack is so unattractive on so many different levels. First of all it is not charming to look like youre grabbing your crotch everytime you need to pay for something, and second of all, do you want to look like a 70 year old man visiting a flower exhibition? I would say no, no you do not.

5- UGG boots

Now we know they are the most comfortable boots in the universe, but this doesn’t make it ok for a man to wear them. No matter how cold it is, or how sore your feet are from wearing tight shoes, there is simply no excuse for wearing them. Turn it around for a minute, do you like to see a woman in shoes that look like their sunday evening slippers? Probably not. And do you think 6 inch stiletto heels feel comfortable on our delicate little feet? Absolutely not! But do we still wear them because we want to look tall, slim and beautiful (for you)? Yes! So next time you’re thinking about wearing your UGG boots, think twice, or maybe even think three times.

Curious to see what women do want men to wear? Keep an eye on to see what you cannot miss on your shopping list if you want to impress the ladies.

A woman on board: Lisa

We are proud to announce that we have a new writer on board, the lovely Lisa:

Meet Lisa McCague. Born and raised in Holland but Irish at heart. She graduated in Interior Design last year and decided it was time for something new, fresh and everchanging. Currently she is studying Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and she’s always on the look out for new developments in technology and trends!

We hope to see loads of cool articles soon, from her perspective about men’s fashion and lifestyle.

Our new writer Lisa

To cover the globe

We are writing articles almost on a daily basis about fashion, lifestyle, cool stores and all sorts of stuff. This is something we really enjoy and want to continue.

But we can’t do this without your help.

We are looking for enthousiastic people all over the planet who can write articles about men’s fashion and style. Because we do not just focus on a particular region, we would like you to join us and write about local stores, fashion items, brands and other cool stuff.

Are you interested in writing for our new online magazine? Please send us an email to with your details and we will contact you shortly!

I’m sure there that there are loads of cool people out there that want to write so don’t hesitate to contact us!


Derek on Facebook

How to wear chinos

Last week I discussed how to wear shorts with you guys and as I said, not every guy is a big fan of shorts. Including myself. But to wear jeans the whole summer is madness. Here are a few tips which chino you should buy for this summer and how to wear it.

1- The color
This fashion season you see lot of coloured chinos, but if you don’t own a chino yet buy a more basic colour.
Olive, khaki, grey or blue that are the most basic colors around, they match with almost everything you have in your wardrobe. If you already got one of those go for the coloured ones!

2-  Invest in quality
Ofcourse you can buy a cheap chino at H&M or Zara, they look great and are reasonably priced. But wash and wear them a couple of times and you can throw them away. Rather invest in a good one. A good chino like one from Dockers will last for years.

3- The fit
Slim-fit is the keyword. Everbody knows these men that wear chinos two sizes too big with their shirts (also two sizes too big) tucked in. You don’t want to look like that do you? Buy one that fits properly and make sure it’s not too long or short.

4-How to wear it
My favourite combination is a washed denim jacket, beige chino and some good old Desert boots. Ofcourse you can always go ‘smart casual’ and wear a nice navy blazer and broques with it. Just look in your wardrobe and find out what matches with the colour of your chino. Oh and roll up your legs a bit just above your ankles. That gives that ‘summery’ touch.



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