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Levi’s Commuter Series S/S2012

For this season Levi’s again released the so-called Commuter Series. The Commuter Series is a denim line that is especially made for cyclists. Technical details make the Commuter series interesting, such as 100% water-repellent denim. For our readers in The Netherlands that really comes in handy.

For the collection Levi’s used existing fits like the 511, the Trucker Jacket and the Work Shirt but adjusted them to the demands of the users of bicycle clothing. The material is even equipped with 3M reflective material. Good Thinking.



To all car users

Please, if you ever use a car in Amsterdam, or any city crowded with cyclists, do not use the wiper fluid. Ever. It is very annoying to drive around on your bike and getting sprayed on. The stuff is very irritating, it smells bad and it ruins your clothes.

Is it that these drivers are inconsiderate? Did they forget about their fellow citizens on bikes/scooters/motorbikes? Or are they just plain stupid?

Anyway, it’s very rude to do this and I warn you, Mr. Dark-blue-Volvo-with-extra-luggage-box-on-top, if I ever see you again, I will make you pay…(for the dry-cleaning of my suit).

Wiper fluid

Wiper fluid

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