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The car

As I’m working on the start-up of my company, I’m also searching for a car. A car for business and pleasure. There are tons of rules and regulations about owning a car, but I just want a car and I will use it for business purposes sometimes.

Finding a simple, cheap, elegant, stylish car that works is quite a task. Also, it needs to be big enough to carry around a lot of stuff.

Cars that are stylish and affordable are almost always second-hand. New cars are expensive and do not fit within my budget. Oldtimers or youngtimers are perfect for this job. But which one? An American car that always breaks down and is almost entirely made out of plastic? An old Mercedes, with colours like army-green, off-yellow and vague-grey? A Land Rover? A mini-van?

For me, it’s a hard choice to make. I therefore have asked some people to help me searching for the right car. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

To all car users

Please, if you ever use a car in Amsterdam, or any city crowded with cyclists, do not use the wiper fluid. Ever. It is very annoying to drive around on your bike and getting sprayed on. The stuff is very irritating, it smells bad and it ruins your clothes.

Is it that these drivers are inconsiderate? Did they forget about their fellow citizens on bikes/scooters/motorbikes? Or are they just plain stupid?

Anyway, it’s very rude to do this and I warn you, Mr. Dark-blue-Volvo-with-extra-luggage-box-on-top, if I ever see you again, I will make you pay…(for the dry-cleaning of my suit).

Wiper fluid

Wiper fluid

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