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This week I’ve been asked to look around for trends, gadgets and cool men’s stuff for a large Dutch website. My aim is to find new lifestyle products and/or services which are cool for guys. I’ve found something cool which might be published soon. Further, I’m now looking around on cool websites.

If you have cool products or services, please let me know… Would you like some great exposure to a large audience?

Send an email to or call me (see contact details)!


iPad vs iPuppy

Yesterday I was in a bar where someone was carrying a box of the new Apple iPad. A lot of people where very curious about it. I actually was curious too, but he didn’t show it, he was only showing the box. That is a great way of getting attention when you are somewhere! Just carry around the latest gadget.

But, will you get more attention with an iPad than with a puppy? Maybe, depends on the crowd. But I’m sure that a puppy can do a lot more things than an iPad.

1. Multitask:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
2. Multitouch:  iPad yes | Puppy yes
3. Voicecontrol:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
4. Wireless:  iPad yes | Puppy yes
5. Sleep/Powersave:  iPad yes | Puppy yes
6. Loudspeaker:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
7: Sockets for all USB:  iPad no  | Puppy yes
8: Telephone inside:  iPad no  | Puppy sometimes
9: Ability to adjust OS: iPad no  | Puppy yes
10: Various colours:  iPad no  | Puppy yes

To sum up, the iPad has a lot of similarities with a puppy, but I see that the iPuppy is far more flexible. Besides that, I think that a puppy lasts longer (although not in the puppy-stage).

Do you have an iPad? Does it work for you? Or are you waiting for HP‘s Slate?



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