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A store opening

So, I do attend a lot of store openings which is very cool. But now I’m involved in the organisation of a store opening. This means I’m on the other end of the deal. Why? Because this store offers a nice mix between brands for men and women and they sell Derek’s shirts.

How to get this done? First of all, we have to get the store ready for such an event. Redecorating the store in such a way that it’s ok to host a bunch of people without trashing the place. Next to that, we’ll have to arrange food, drinks, goodiebags, a red carpet, dj’s and all sorts of other stuff.

And most important of all; the invitations. Well, hereby I would like to invite you to the Grand Opening of LAAT store in Amsterdam. This party is on the 20th of April, starting from 16:00 till approximately 22:00 (officially).

The opening will be attended by lots of cool fashion people, celebrities and ofcourse many bloggers, press and other guests.

Feel free to join us…

Grand Opening LAAT Store in Amsterdam

Behind the scenes at Derek’s photoshoot

Yesterday we had a photoshoot for the Derek’s lookbook 2012. It was beautiful weather so we were able to shoot outdoors. The team consisted of Ramon, Metten and Daniel. Ramon is a model with experience in both runway as well as shoots. Metten is an excellent photographer, who has been working for big and small events and has experience in outdoor-shoots as well.

We will soon publish the lookbook but for now I’d like to show a sneakpeek…

Limited Edition White Shirts by Derek’s

As of today, the Limited Edition White Shirts by Derek’s are available online. The design of the shirts is inspired by the Dutch naval history and is tailored to fit cool, rough and stylish men.

Each shirt is handcrafted especially for Derek’s and carries the logo ton-sur-ton. The shirt is a slim fit and you can wear them for both casual as business purposes. Available sizes are S/M/L/XL.

If you would like to purchase one of these shirts, will give you a special introduction offer and you will have the shirts for only EUR 70,-

For more information on the offer, please send an email to with your name, contact details and size.

New office and showroom

This week I’ve been painting the new Derek’s office. It’s located on a special location in Amsterdam, Meneer de Wit. The office is close to the A10 highway, the trains and with public transport or even walking it’s very close to the city centre.

Hope you like it. I still need a new floor, so if anyone can help me with that, it would be very much appreciated.



100 crisp white shirts

Today, the first round of Derek’s shirts has gone in production. We have chosen for nice white shirts, with the typical Derek’s design. Because we want men to wear their shirt both casual and formal, the shirt is designed in such a way that this is possible.

Our production facility, is working hard on getting the best fabrics and other materials to make the shirt a success in The Netherlands.

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The Final Contract

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