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How to buy an island?

This is the dream of many people, owning a beautiful island somewhere in a tropical part of the world. Well, there’s news for you, an island can be yours and I’m not only talking to our readers with plenty of cash left after the crisis.

What are the prices for private islands? That depends on the location. Just as in real estate, location is key. Do you prefer an island in Norway, just off the coast of Spain, the Caribbean or near Africa? The typical tropical islands (and matching location) will cost a few more than small islands near let’s say, the North American coast. Think from $ 1,000,000 and up for your tropical dream. A lot less and you can be the proud owner of a sea-surrounded gem anywhere else.

Remote islands are easier to find, but then you need to take transportation costs is consideration. A stylish gentleman like you sure knows how to ride a powerboat and maybe even fly a plane. That helps, but if you don’t you’ll need to hire people to transport you and your friends to your island.

What is on the island? If there’s nothing there (the real deal), good luck. You’ll have to build a cottage, villa or other form of living space using the remainder of your savings. Constructing a building and infrastructure on an island is 1.5 times more expensive than on the main land. Again, take transportation into consideration. You can always go for the “Survivor” option and live, cook, shit and sleep outdoors.

So, why would you want to buy an island anyway? It’s the way of spending your holidays the cool way. Further, there’s nothing like a good story on parties and events. How many people do you know that own an island? It is really exclusive.

If you are not too sure about it, try renting an island for a few weeks to become familiar with the experience. Regarding to the boat and the airplane, every stylish man knows the FFF-rule: if it flies, floats or fucks: rent it. I disagree with the last F, but there’s a truth in the other two F’s.

Good luck with your island-hunt. The best place to start is here:



With special thanks to Vladi Private Islands for the pictures.


How to get a haircut?

It seems that men have a lot of problems when it comes to getting the right haircut. Well, here are some essential tips:

1. Go to a good hairstylist once in a while. One that understands your hair, your head, techniques, trends and knows how to make a haircut that suits you. There is a big difference between a hairstylist and a hairdresser.

2. If you go to get a haircut, make sure you are prepared. Check out photos of haircuts you like, try to figure out which style you like. Hey, it’s ok to bring photos to the salon, you won’t look silly. But it might be that the haircut you show is not possible with your hair or head.

3. Meet the person who is going to cut your hair with dry hair. It’s a common mistake that you won’t meet that person until you already have your hair washed by an assistant. Wet hair is totally different than dry hair, the curls can be different, the colour is different and it is a lot heavier than dry hair.

4. Explain what you want but be precise. Discuss with your stylist what you mean. It’s also very common that you say one thing but you mean something else, just because you don’t know the right word for it. If you and the stylist/hairdresser are absolutely sure that you both have the same thing in mind, things probably will go well.

5. There’s no such thing as a round head or a square head. Your head is divided in several areas that all have influence on your haircut. A good hairdresser or stylist should see this.

6. Get some good advice on products. Don’t use the dirty greasy stuff. Your hair needs to get some oxygen, otherwise you will go bald sooner than you expected.

7. If you go bald you should consider getting a really short haircut. Please don’t do a comb-over. That looks totally pathetic, I’m sorry.

Good luck.

Hmm having your hair washed at the salon...

Special thanks to my dear stylist Danny @Rob Peetoom Elandsgracht, she has been cutting my hair for many years now!

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