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How to buy an island?

This is the dream of many people, owning a beautiful island somewhere in a tropical part of the world. Well, there’s news for you, an island can be yours and I’m not only talking to our readers with plenty of cash left after the crisis.

What are the prices for private islands? That depends on the location. Just as in real estate, location is key. Do you prefer an island in Norway, just off the coast of Spain, the Caribbean or near Africa? The typical tropical islands (and matching location) will cost a few more than small islands near let’s say, the North American coast. Think from $ 1,000,000 and up for your tropical dream. A lot less and you can be the proud owner of a sea-surrounded gem anywhere else.

Remote islands are easier to find, but then you need to take transportation costs is consideration. A stylish gentleman like you sure knows how to ride a powerboat and maybe even fly a plane. That helps, but if you don’t you’ll need to hire people to transport you and your friends to your island.

What is on the island? If there’s nothing there (the real deal), good luck. You’ll have to build a cottage, villa or other form of living space using the remainder of your savings. Constructing a building and infrastructure on an island is 1.5 times more expensive than on the main land. Again, take transportation into consideration. You can always go for the “Survivor” option and live, cook, shit and sleep outdoors.

So, why would you want to buy an island anyway? It’s the way of spending your holidays the cool way. Further, there’s nothing like a good story on parties and events. How many people do you know that own an island? It is really exclusive.

If you are not too sure about it, try renting an island for a few weeks to become familiar with the experience. Regarding to the boat and the airplane, every stylish man knows the FFF-rule: if it flies, floats or fucks: rent it. I disagree with the last F, but there’s a truth in the other two F’s.

Good luck with your island-hunt. The best place to start is here:



With special thanks to Vladi Private Islands for the pictures.

Get your own island

It is good to have dreams, no doubt about it. It is also good to make these dreams come true. Working hard for something you really want is perfectly acceptable. But don’t forget to dream during your work. This will keep you focused. Some websites you should visit once in a while, to keep your dream alive.

One day, after working hard for years (or maybe days, weeks, depends on your job and background) you might be able to buy one of the items of your dream-list.

I love this site, Vladi Private Islands. Many of you may know the site already, but it is worth remembering. I found a nice little spot on this planet where I can relax and hang around and do nothing. These spots often come with a price, but this one is acceptable (althought there are much cheaper properties on the website).

Think of this: “This Cay is set in one of the most beautiful areas of the Bahamas, the North Bight of Andros. Imagine a sea of turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. Views of small islands sprinkled on the horizon, faint lights of Mangrove Cay in the evening and a cool ocean breeze coupled with complete privacy provides the setting of this private island.”

Ok, you need to build a cottage, but that shouldn’t be problem. Building a cottage is also something a guy should be able to do. Or at least have someone do it for you.

Just imagine, flying there, landing with your small private waterplane. Enjoy a nice cool gin-and-tonic (ofcourse you have electricity on your island) and sit on your own beach. Damn, wouldn’t that be great?

Private Cay in the Andros Islands

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