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They also have fashion for men

Do you know Mango? The brand with the shops for lovely women’s fashion? They have been around since 1984 and make good clothing at affordable prices.They also have good stuff for men. Really nice stuff actually.

For your new Spring collection (yes, I know it’s cold outside and you’re just too frozen up to think about Spring) we have selected some cool things.

Let’s start with a Knit Toggle Jacket, a garment that you can also wear in the winter. This jacket combines well with shirts like a plain white shirt or a checkered one.

Further, you need some new shoes. Leather boat shoes in a decent navy colour, with two-toned laces and a contrast sole.

We can discuss their whole collection but you have to see for yourselves. And because you are currently cold, we recommend you to buy a Round Neck Cotton Jumper, which is comforable and very stylish.

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