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To cover the globe

We are writing articles almost on a daily basis about fashion, lifestyle, cool stores and all sorts of stuff. This is something we really enjoy and want to continue.

But we can’t do this without your help.

We are looking for enthousiastic people all over the planet who can write articles about men’s fashion and style. Because we do not just focus on a particular region, we would like you to join us and write about local stores, fashion items, brands and other cool stuff.

Are you interested in writing for our new online magazine? Please send us an email to with your details and we will contact you shortly!

I’m sure there that there are loads of cool people out there that want to write so don’t hesitate to contact us!


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They also have fashion for men

Do you know Mango? The brand with the shops for lovely women’s fashion? They have been around since 1984 and make good clothing at affordable prices.They also have good stuff for men. Really nice stuff actually.

For your new Spring collection (yes, I know it’s cold outside and you’re just too frozen up to think about Spring) we have selected some cool things.

Let’s start with a Knit Toggle Jacket, a garment that you can also wear in the winter. This jacket combines well with shirts like a plain white shirt or a checkered one.

Further, you need some new shoes. Leather boat shoes in a decent navy colour, with two-toned laces and a contrast sole.

We can discuss their whole collection but you have to see for yourselves. And because you are currently cold, we recommend you to buy a Round Neck Cotton Jumper, which is comforable and very stylish.

Workshops for your company

The “Style for men” or “Stijl voor Mannen” workshops are already a great success. Giving advice for men in small groups is a good way of helping them with their styling. But, what is even better, if you have an event at your company, I can help you to motivate your employees, train them and make them more aware of style on the workfloor.

Not only in the office, but in your restaurant, bar or shop the theme of “style” is important. Training your employees and managers is a good way of lifting your business to a new level. I’m glad to help you out with this. Simply contact me!

Komt jouw kast er ook zo uit te zien?

A new post on

I’ve published a new post on It’s in Dutch and it’s kind of a rant about why Dutch women dress their men.


This week I’ve been asked to look around for trends, gadgets and cool men’s stuff for a large Dutch website. My aim is to find new lifestyle products and/or services which are cool for guys. I’ve found something cool which might be published soon. Further, I’m now looking around on cool websites.

If you have cool products or services, please let me know… Would you like some great exposure to a large audience?

Send an email to or call me (see contact details)!


Personal Styling and advise

Do you have a closet full of clothing but you still don’t know what to wear? Or are you looking for a good make-over? I can help you! Some men still have trouble finding their own fashion “identity” or personal style.

You can read magazines and books, glance through blogs but still have no real inspiration. This is not uncommon. Therefore, hiring a personal shopper can really help you out.

Which colours suit you? Where can you find clothing that actually fits you and your personality? I can help you out. It’s not expensive, difficult or stupid. It can be fun as well!

I’ve helped people with buying their clothes and they are really happy about it. Sometimes it’s a minor change, sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction. For you, it can be a real difference.

If you want me to help you, please send me an email to or call +31(0)627443800.

The basics

As a man, you should be able to obey some rules of style. For instance, there are certain items which you should have. A crisp white shirt, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes etc. My friends at Esquire know all about this.

If you walk outside and you are the only guy walking in the stuff you wear you are either very fashion-forward or you have picked out the wrong attire.

There is not much wrong with being fashion forward, but please stay within some lines of decency, you are not Lady Gaga. I’m sure of that. Even if you are, there are really some things a man shouldn’t wear.

For now, a small checklist of fashion items you need:
– A white shirt
– A black shirt
– Black socks (no sports socks, never)
– A dark suit (grey)
– Black dress shoes
– Brown dress shoes
– Dark blue jeans
– Good sunglasses

I can go on and on, but these are pretty much the basics. Now, if you miss something from this list, go shopping! Let me know what you have bought.

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