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A powerful list for a joyful Spring

Spring is one of the most important seasons of the year. This is when plants and flowers are growing, birds start singing and the weather becomes better. Well, that sounds like fun! More importantly, people crawl out of their winter-hidings and start exploring beautiful pleasures such as terraces, parks, beaches, short skirts, festivals and all the outdoor fun stuff.

For this Spring, we already mentioned some cool items, but here’s a small list of garments to complete your wardrobe:

  1. A crisp white shirt like the ones from Derek’s, for sale now online and in Amsterdam via LAAT. The shirts are tailored and in a very light fabric with the logo embroidered ton-sur-ton with nice detailing at the bottom of the shirt.
  2. Colorful socks, try the multi-colored ones by H&M to complement your outfit and show the rest of the people that you have sense of style and modesty.
  3. Slim fit chinos, the best fit by far are the chinos by Velour. If you prefer another brand, why not the “classic” Dockers or the cheaper alternative by Jack&Jones?
  4. A nice pair of shades by Ray-Ban. Be cool and get yourself the Wayfarer to let your inner Blues Brother or Top Gun “Maverick” out.
  5. A pullover for the slightly cooler evenings, in a color that matches your socks. That is how to show you are into details.  I’ve found cool knitwear by Ralph Lauren.

Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren

This Tuesday I attended a cool party by Denim and Supply (RL). The party included a concert of Metronomy, a British band with loads of fans from all over the planet.

At the party you can spot a lot of Ralph Lauren clothing, dark brown, grey and other earth tones. And ofcourse cool people.

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