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An impression of AFW: Dennis Diem & Said Mahrouf

Sunday the 29th of January Amsterdam Fashion Week ended with a blast, again. Dennis Diem & Said Mahrouf rocked the runway with their shows powered by LM Flower Fashion.

I joined the show and surely enjoyed the show, the afterparty and meeting loads of nice people. Don’t feel like writing about that so I’ll just show the pictures.

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Project Runway

Although I’m not much of a gamer, there’s some interesting news I want to share with you.

Atari has developed a game for Nintendo Wii, based on the television series ‘Project Runway’. Yes, the Project Runway show with Heidi Klum. I actually like the show, but I’m wondering what the game will be like.

Will it be much fun, creating your own dresses and show them on a virtual runway? Hearing the digital remarks of Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi? I’d love to have Tim Gunn besides me while designing and telling me to ‘make it work’.

I haven’t tried the game yet, because it’s not for sale here and I don’t have a Nintendo Wii anyway, but I’m curious if it will be as cool as the show. As I read the description, the video game is situated in LA, not New York. That’s a pity I think, but we will have to see.

Maybe you’ll be a great virtual fashion designer, but I doubt it that it will be like the real thing.

Project Runway by Atari

Project Runway by Atari

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