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The world’s most expensive shoes for men

Expensive like hell and I doubt it that you can wear them properly, but here are one of the most expensive shoes money can buy for your feet.

I don’t particularly like them and I’m not a big fan of these kind of sneakers but hey, I’m not a rapper or gangsta.

This silver shoe is not gold (duh) but that makes it a little bit more wearable. They are called the Air Jordan Silver Shoes, by Nike of course. You can buy these puppies with autograph (of Michael Jordan) on eBay for a mere $60,000.

Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Good Guys

Now this is something I get greedy of. Paris-based shoe brand Good Guys makes shoes that contains no animal ‘ingredients’. They take looks, shapes and styles from past times and try out new materials and production methods. And the result is amazing.

All their products are made of fine microfibers, light, breathable and water restistant.
Their 2012 spring summer collection is inspired by French New Wave with a touch of the Californian surf-culture.
And if you take a look at their collection you get a summer feeling right away. Colors like yellow, faded pink and aqua blue are in the collection. In combination with bricksoles you’ve got the perfect pair of summer shoes. Also in women’s sizes, nice gift for your girl?



How to do things the stylish way

Being the cool and stylish gentleman you are, there are many things you do in a stylish manner.  Here are a couple of things I’ve written about in the past but are still very much up-to-date.

How to pack a suitcase

  1. The heavy things like books and shoes you pack first, at the bottom of your suitcase.
  2. After that you pack the hardware, toilet items and underwear.
  3. Pack your shoes in shoebags. Wear the most heavy ones during your trip (on an airplane), this saves you a lot of carrying and kilos in your suitcase.
  4. Fold your clothing neatly, to save space.
  5. Your shirts must be folded loosely and you need to put them very gently in your suitcase (on top of everything else, to prevent re-ironing).
  6. A suit or jacket is best to be put in a separate bag (for suits). If you choose to pack it in your suitcase, turn the jacket inside-out to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle.

How to blow your nose

  1. Blowing one’s nose is always done discretely and without making any noise.
  2. Never blow your nose at the (dinner)table, excuse yourself and retire to the bathroom. Or at least out of reach of your table mates.
  3. Use paper tissues and dispose of them after use. For hygienic purposes. Don’t ever use a handkerchief.
  4. Do not pick your nose in front of others and don’t look at the produce after you have blown your nose. Gross…
  5. First blow one nostril and then the other one, it’s more effective and healthier. Ask the doctor.

How to use public transport

  1. Find a good spot, don’t just sit next to someone when there’s plenty of space somewhere else. People need their space.
  2. Make sure you have a valid ticket. Using public transport without a ticket is really sad.
  3. Shut up. Don’t talk loudly, don’t make loud phonecalls or listen to loud music. Back in the days everyone on the train was quiet as well. If you need to talk to someone on the phone do it briefly, quietly and ask if it’s ok to call back later. People will appreciate this.
  4. Don’t put your feet on the bench or chair, save that for home. Don’t do that at home as well, by the way.
  5. Refrain from eating or drinking. No hamburgers, fries or other food that stinks like hell. If you have trash to dispose of, keep it until you see a wastebin.
  6. Make place for the elderly and disabled people and do not hang around the exit or entrance.
  7. People must exit the vehicle or train before you enter.

Clarks Sportswear 2012

Clarks is a timeless brand and one of my favorite shoes is the ‘Clark Desert Boot’. These shoes exist over 60 years but they are a timeless classic and every man should have at least one pair in the closet.

Now in 2012 the English brand presents their new sportswear line. This new collection contains influences from a classic men shoe combined with influences from today’s sport shoes. Most of the time when brands do this they make the most horrible shoes. But Clarks did a good job on this one and the result is outstanding!

The Sportswear line introduces three new models: The Tanner Fly Mid, Tanner Mid and the Tawyer Mid. The designs of the shoes are simple, clean and made out of high quality materials. The Tanner Fly mid is constructed in suede in a Khaki colorway with yellow accents and a light grey colorway with purple accents. The Tanner Mid is made of natural leather and comes in a grey and an off-white colorway with yellow and blue accents. The Tawyer Mid looks like a modern boat shoe and is available in a black and red colorway.

You can get these kicks at Seventyfive 



They also have fashion for men

Do you know Mango? The brand with the shops for lovely women’s fashion? They have been around since 1984 and make good clothing at affordable prices.They also have good stuff for men. Really nice stuff actually.

For your new Spring collection (yes, I know it’s cold outside and you’re just too frozen up to think about Spring) we have selected some cool things.

Let’s start with a Knit Toggle Jacket, a garment that you can also wear in the winter. This jacket combines well with shirts like a plain white shirt or a checkered one.

Further, you need some new shoes. Leather boat shoes in a decent navy colour, with two-toned laces and a contrast sole.

We can discuss their whole collection but you have to see for yourselves. And because you are currently cold, we recommend you to buy a Round Neck Cotton Jumper, which is comforable and very stylish.

The basics

As a man, you should be able to obey some rules of style. For instance, there are certain items which you should have. A crisp white shirt, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes etc. My friends at Esquire know all about this.

If you walk outside and you are the only guy walking in the stuff you wear you are either very fashion-forward or you have picked out the wrong attire.

There is not much wrong with being fashion forward, but please stay within some lines of decency, you are not Lady Gaga. I’m sure of that. Even if you are, there are really some things a man shouldn’t wear.

For now, a small checklist of fashion items you need:
– A white shirt
– A black shirt
– Black socks (no sports socks, never)
– A dark suit (grey)
– Black dress shoes
– Brown dress shoes
– Dark blue jeans
– Good sunglasses

I can go on and on, but these are pretty much the basics. Now, if you miss something from this list, go shopping! Let me know what you have bought.

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