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A store opening

So, I do attend a lot of store openings which is very cool. But now I’m involved in the organisation of a store opening. This means I’m on the other end of the deal. Why? Because this store offers a nice mix between brands for men and women and they sell Derek’s shirts.

How to get this done? First of all, we have to get the store ready for such an event. Redecorating the store in such a way that it’s ok to host a bunch of people without trashing the place. Next to that, we’ll have to arrange food, drinks, goodiebags, a red carpet, dj’s and all sorts of other stuff.

And most important of all; the invitations. Well, hereby I would like to invite you to the Grand Opening of LAAT store in Amsterdam. This party is on the 20th of April, starting from 16:00 till approximately 22:00 (officially).

The opening will be attended by lots of cool fashion people, celebrities and ofcourse many bloggers, press and other guests.

Feel free to join us…

Grand Opening LAAT Store in Amsterdam

Denim around the globe

So, where do you buy your denim? All cities have multiple denim stores. But they vary a lot in quality, style and advice. Which one would you prefer? The chain store which is all about turnover but has many brands or the cool local shop with niche brands and free coffee?

I know for sure that the best denim store in Amsterdam is Tenue de Nîmes. They have excellent jeans, is all kinds, sizes, prices and they have the best advise in town, without a doubt.

Where do you live and what is your favourite denim store?

Tenue de Nimes

Tenue de Nîmes
Elandsgracht 60
1016 TX Amsterdam
+3120 3204012

Esprit Amsterdam: renewed

The Esprit Store in Amsterdam has been around for quite a while. The huge building at the Spui and Kalverstraat with Caffe Esprit is a well-known spot if you are into shopping at mainstreets. Esprit hasn’t been that fashion-forward the last years, until now. They have decided to change their whole look dramatically. And yesterday they re-opened the Amsterdam store.

The “new Esprit” is fresh, clean, playful but more serious than before. It looks like they have matured. Which is cool because I can say now that I consider shopping at Esprit. And you should as well.

I’ve enjoyed the opening of the new store, talked with someone from Esprit about the international influence on their work and collections and ofcourse had a drink (import Heineken from Germany?!). We also got to make our own Esprit bag, which was fun.

You can see the pictures of the store and the opening here!

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Unique brands at Joe’s

This Sunday I visited the new store of my friend Nikos in Amsterdam. The store is called Joe’s and has a cool mixture of fashion brands for men and women.

It’s located on the J.P. Heijestraat 186, near the Vondelpark. The store itself has been decorated by both rough and novelty items, check out the old-school register! I especially like the fact that they have brands from Italy exclusively for sale in Amsterdam, at an affordable price.

The store is worth a visit, not only for the clothes but you can also have a coffee 🙂

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