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Coloured jeans

My friends at Esquire call it ‘look-at-me shades’. If you wear it, you say ‘go to hell’. They are damn right.

Wearing coloured jeans is something you can either do, or don’t. If you do it with style, it works. Otherwise it just sucks.

Here is how to wear it; coloured jeans can be combined with a blue blazer, white or light-blue shirt and brown shoes. Also, you can wear it with sneakers, but be careful, you don’t want to look like Pennywise.

I like to wear red jeans, but not too often. I don’t want to become ‘the guy with the red pants’. Maybe I’m going to try green jeans, or blue.

How do you wear your coloured jeans?



What to do with the clothes you bought a couple of years ago?

What to do with old fashion items? Still wear them? Store them until they become vintage? Throw them away?

Every season I buy new stuff, sometimes a lot, sometimes just one item. It also differs if I buy expensive clothing or cheap, or a combination. In my opinion, it is possible to combine new fashion with older clothing, unless the older pieces are really time-specific.

For some reason, I don’t throw away clothing. Only if it’s unfixable or really ugly. But then again, I don’t know where I keep it. My closet is so full that at least 25% needs to be ‘in transit’ (on the floor, in the laundry or in the washing machine). Next to that, I don’t have the idea that I wear old clothes a lot (except for some good shirts). So, where the hell are those old pieces?

Maybe I need to clean up my closet and store some old pieces or throw them away. I don’t think that the clothing I’ve bought a couple of years ago can be sold second hand.

I’m wondering what other people do, do you throw away old clothes?
Do you sell it? Store it? Wear it?

A tidy closet

A tidy closet

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