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Workshops for your company

The “Style for men” or “Stijl voor Mannen” workshops are already a great success. Giving advice for men in small groups is a good way of helping them with their styling. But, what is even better, if you have an event at your company, I can help you to motivate your employees, train them and make them more aware of style on the workfloor.

Not only in the office, but in your restaurant, bar or shop the theme of “style” is important. Training your employees and managers is a good way of lifting your business to a new level. I’m glad to help you out with this. Simply contact me!

Komt jouw kast er ook zo uit te zien?

From concept to business

Creating concepts is one thing, but creating turnover is something else. It’s about creating the right parameters that allow you to generate value from your concept. I’ve been thinking about many concepts, some of which have generated value but many of them just remained concepts.

In the past years I’ve invested in my brand Derek’s, which was at first a concept but is now beyond that stage. It’s being launched soon, so I’ll have a value-generating business.

Next to that, there are concepts which seemingly can be launched quickly, like some workshops that I’m going to give. But in the past years I’ve been (passively) investing in my network, knowledge and role in the fashion industry. And these form the pillars of the workshops.

I hope to see you soon in my workshops or during some cool event…

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